Prototype manufacturing with Start-A-Factory: You will work together with almost 250 scientists. We turn your first idea into a tangible prototype that is ready for industrial production within weeks.

In every development process there is a point where you need support. We’ll put the right machines and experts at your side. Start-A-Factory belongs to one of the most modern research institutes in Europe and solves your technological problems. We achieve high performance in prototyping by convening the brightest minds in science and entrepreneurship!

Get in Contact

Drop by, give us a call, or write an E-Mail. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Attend a Mission Workshop

The starting point for our collaboration is a free mission workshop without any commitments. You meet our experts to discuss your product’s current development and determine the necessary steps to be completed.

Develop your Prototype

You can choose between different types of design tools and environments for firmware and app development. You will benefit from one unique aspect of Start-a-Factory: Whenever you encounter any problems the right specialists from Fraunhofer IZM will be there to guide and advise you.

Be Ready for Industrial Production

You will have a comprehensive set of production documentation, including all process briefs and configurations after completing the program. This empowers you to make the leap to full scale production right away.

Prototype Manufacturing and Development

Neutral Consulting

We provide noncommittal, free and neutral advice on all technological topics. Our scientists and consultants will work out a roadmap together with you.

Prototyping, Prototype Manufacturing and Development

Development Activities

You will recieve Individual support by Fraunhofer IZM specialists. The goal is to set up a pototyping line on an industrial level.

Prototype Manufacturing and Development

Prototype Manufacturing

We will manufacture your first prototypes within our modular laboratory facilities. Next step: Industrial production!

Bring your Idea to a full-scale, industrial level production within weeks!

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We look forward to a first meet us with you – free of charge and without any obligations.

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Our Community

We are into hardware! So we don’t care about social media too much. Still, you can find us on linkedin and Fraunhofer IZM on twitter and facebook.

Our Clients and Partners

What Clients Say?

"You have fun and from fun comes breakthroughs. Every day in that space you leave smarter than when you entered. The support of Fraunhofer is beyond mere words."

Mike Richardson Managing Director of Photonics Insight; IoT Architect

“Start a Factory is our gateway into the Institute, and provides us with the tools we need.”

David Yellin CEO at covert science

"Fraunhofer has been excellent to work with so far."

Pauline O’Callaghan CEO of Hearable Labs