A recording studio in your ear: The Start-Up Hearable Labs develops the underlying technology for Augmented Hearing

The headphones of tomorrow interact with the real world. Early examples of this are noise cancellation and audio transparency, as seen in current Bose, Sony and Sennheiser headphones. Such features can be described as augmented hearing; they give you control of your auditory environment. You can turn down the volume of the real world, then turn it back up when you want to hear.

However, this is only the beginning. More advanced control of your auditory environment is possible, but highly complex. “It’s like putting an entire recording studio in your ear” says Pauline O’Callaghan, CEO of the Start-Up Hearable Labs.

Therefore, Hearable Labs has set its goal to build the underlying technology that will drive the development of these features. Since summer 2018 the Start-Up has been working at the Founders Garage from Start-a-Factory to implement augmented hearing algorithms on miniaturized electronics.

Start-a-Factory is providing the tools, space and access to expert engineers in order to support product development. Currently, Hearable Labs takes advantage of several features of Start-a-Factory: container space, electronic tools, desktop computers and Solidworks PCB. Soon, they will also use the pick and place machine for high volume electronics assembly to develop the hardware prototype.

written by Lena Fiedler