Water Proof Power Supply

Covert Science GmbH is developing the first flat, flexible, waterproof AC-DC power supply!

Pretty much every electronic device requires a power brick. But this case which feeds our smartphone, television and computer with power is chunky as a breadbox.

It seemed strange to David Yellin that more and more televisions and computers are getting flat, waterproof and even flexible, but that they still have to plug into the same old power bricks. “We must be able to do better!” he thought. After exploring the technical possibilities, he founded Covert Science GmbH. The Vision: To integrate the interface between low voltage DC electronics and high voltage AC power sources into a flexible structure to enable electronics that are more useful, transportable and attractive. The Start-Up is currently working in the Fraunhofer IZM Start-a-Factory facility. Here the goal is to turn the vision into reality. This starts with working out a circuit design, as well as a solution for packaging and encapsulation. Next Stop: Production Line. This is where the circuits from the design study are actually assembled – and tested, afterwards.

In the near future Covert Science GmbH will present their first prototype. In cooperation with the department Environmental & Reliability Engineering they are going to analyze the prototype in matters of environmental safety and reliability. The long term goal is to establish an own supply chain and produce the world’s first flat, flexible, waterproof AC-DC power supply.`

written by Lena Fiedler